AModulator SDIY Kit
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The AModulator SDIY kit is a companion module to the RF Nomad voltage-controlled shortwave receiver.

Available ONLY in DIY form, the AModulator is a crude RF amplitude modulator that produces a micropower radio-frequency signal which the RF Nomad can decode. Simply put, the AModulator allows you to encode any audio signal into an amplitude modulated RF signal, which the RF Nomad can then decode back to audio, with all the delicious artifacts of vintage shortwave sound. Because the RF Nomad is a single sideband decoder, the decoded audio can also be frequency-shifted, simply by tuning slightly off-frequency.

The AModulator ships as two printed circuit boards: One is the electronics, and the other serves as both the faceplate and touchplate emitter. You can "play" the AModulator by pressing on the touch area to affect the signal.

  • Eurorack modular synth format
  • RF amplitude modulator
  • 4hp (20.3mm)
  • ???
  • 3U (128.5mm, standard Eurorack)
  • +12v: 5mA, -12v: 0mA, 5v: 0mA