Haken Continuum Interface Module

The µCVC is a 6HP Eurorack module that outputs the WXYZ information from a single finger controlling a Continuum or ContinuuMini. You can think of it as 1/4 of a CVC. Up to two µCVC modules can be daisy-chained together, to allow tracking two fingers. A Scaled-down version of the Haken Audio CVC “Continuum Voltage Converter”, it allows a single finger on the Continuum surface to control up to 4 CV’s plus a gate.

  • Eurorack modular synth format
  • RF amplitude modulator
  • 6hp (30.5mm)
  • 50mm
  • 3U (128.5mm, standard Eurorack)
  • +12v: 9mA, -12v: 9mA, 5v: 0mA
  • Made in USA of RoHS-compliant components
  • Can be daisy-chained with a second unit for duophonic play
  • +/- 12VDC
  • +/- 10VDC pk-pk