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RF Nomad SDIY Kit

The RF Nomad SDIY kit is a voltage-controlled shortwave radio receiver kit in Eurorack format. The RF Nomad SDIY Kit comes with a PCB that has most of the surface-mount components pre-installed, plus a few surface mount components that must be installed by the builder, and the remainder of the thru-hole parts required for assembly. An anodized aluminum faceplate is included, to complete the kit, for those who wish to get up and running right away!

The RF Nomad is a direct-conversion radio receiver, which tunes to frequencies from approximately 9.6 to 10 MHz and decodes the audio as single sideband.

Various RF noise generators, such as computers, appliances, etc., as well as shortwave broadcasts and ham radio stations, can be decoded and used as useful and interesting sound sources. The RF Nomad’s tuning can be varied under voltage control, allowing LFOs, envelopes, and even audio sources to modulate the tuning parameter in real time. In short, the RF Nomad puts those classic squelchy, squealy, hissy sounds of a shortwave radio into your modular!

Note there are now two versions of this kit: A limited-edition partial SMT kit (You solder the SOIC SMT's, plus all the thru-hole components), and a Thru-Hole-Only kit, where all the SMT components are pre-soldered. You just solder the thru-hole components and assemble the faceplate.

SMT and Thru-Hole Kit Assembly Instructions

Thru-Hole-Only Kit Assembly Instructions

Available exclusively at Modular Addict and THONK!